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  • Female Sex Workers in Macao: Working Conditions and Health Risk Assessment Research Report 2009

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    AIDS Prevention and Control Commission

    The AIDS Prevention and Control Commission was established according to the Chief Executive’s Dispatch dated 21 November 2005. The Commission is chaired by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, and its members comprise the Health Bureau, the Social Welfare Bureau, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the Judiciary Police, the Macao Prison, the Kiang Wu Hospital, the School of Health Sciences of the Macao Polytechnic Institute, the Kiang Wu Nursing College, the Chinese Medical Association, the Macao Association of Medical Practitioner, the Red Cross, the Caritas Macau, the Federation of Trade Unions, the General Union of Neighbours Association, Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society and representatives from  other civil organizations. The Commission is to plan and promote the prevention and control of AIDS through government departments, associations and organizations of different areas, aiming to curb the spread of AIDS.